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Proteus is Going Out of Service

I was contacted earlier this week by a system administrator back at UIUC about Proteus, my old workstation. Proteus is still hosting my old site, another former graduate student’s website, and the UIUC SIAM Chapter’s website.

The system administrator wants to take Proteus out of service. Since I have this website it is not such a big deal, but I have a couple concerns. First, the web-based Geneagrapher is still running there (although it probably should not be). This will force me to let it go or to implement a solution for this site. Second, I am not sure how much losing that site will affect the page rank here. Big deal, I suppose.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the year of the ox. Enjoy!


Denver Pollution

I have, while speaking to some of you on the phone, mentioned the yellowish haze often hovering over Denver. The photo below is an attempt to capture what I am talking about and was taken on December 10, 2008, which was a worse-than-average day in terms of appearance. It was not, however, the only time I have seen it so bad.

Downtown is to the left of the scene captured (the buildings at the left edge of the photo obstruct the view of downtown).

Denver Haze

Enjoy that fresh mountain air!

Iowa Trip Wildlife Photos

A few posts back, I promised (with conditions) some deer and turkey photos from my trip home last month. Here they are!

Deer on the Driveway

The turkeys below come by the house several times a day and eat seed that has been pushed out of a bird feeder by other birds. The tom whose photo I posted back in September (see Tom Turkey) still visits regularly, but is, of course, traveling alone. A few times, however, they were all together outside the house.

Hen Turkeys

A deer and representatives of two species of squirrels.

Grey Squirrel, Deer, and Fox Squirrel

Finally, I have received word that two coyotes have been seen nearby multiple times.

You and Your Research

A coworker sent me a link to a transcript of an interesting talk titled “You and Your Research” that was delivered by Richard Hamming in 1986. It contains observations made and opinions formed by Hamming over his career — particularly the portion of his career at Bell Labs — about how to be a successful (or unsuccessful) scientist.

Dinosaur Comic Wisdom

For some reason the following quote from today’s strip in Dinosaur Comics really resonates with me right now.

Every day each of us says the dumbest thing we are going to say that day.

Happy New Year!

I want to wish my (three or four) readers a happy new year. Thank you for your continued support.

Travel Report

In response to my earlier post about traveling home, I am happy to report that I made it this year. The trip was not without setbacks, though.

We had some early trouble with loading the plane with the luggage, which was interesting to observe, if anything.

At the other end, however, it was a little frustrating. I was at the destination airport for two hours before going home for a couple reasons. By far the biggest factor was that my (and a couple dozen other peoples’) carry-on luggage was missing. We were the people that had to drop our carry-on luggage on the jetway, which is not something I normally do, but it seems innocuous enough. I will spare you the details, but a number of people were getting pretty upset.

The return flight earlier this week happened without incident.

It seems that there was a lot of lost and misdirected luggage this year (maybe every year?). My brother had two checked bags lost for a while. One showed up three or four days after flying. The other bag (the one with his clothes) reached Iowa six days after flying, which was the day before he was leaving.

I am just happy that I was able to get home, and with relatively little inconvenience. Also, I got a few through-the-window turkey and deer photos that I will share in a future post, if they look decent enough.