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Earth From Mars

At the end of this link is a page with a picture of Earth from Mars captured by MER Spirit.

Blackbird Pie Caching Experiment

I decided to do an experiment to verify that Blackbird Pie is caching tweets locally. If it does not, then it makes more sense to stick with Lifestream for everything or to use screen captures.

[blackbirdpie id=”1026089585483776″]

Try clicking on the date to verify the tweet is actually deleted.

For more context on what this post is about, see “Site Revamp, Again — Now Embedding Tweets“.

Site Revamp, Again — Now Embedding Tweets

At the beginning of the year, I added the right sidebar that contains content from my Twitter account. The motivation was to automatically capture tweets I make, most of which are retweets referring to articles I have read. I like that the content is automatically captured (although a lot ends up being redundant), but I do not like that it is in a different “stream” than my blog posts. All of the information is kept in sequence on the feed streams page, but that is not quite what I want. For instance, there is no way to comment here about any of those tweets, so for a while I have wanted a way to get tweets inlined in the blog feed.

Enter Blackbird Pie, which learned about yesterday from here. This provides a simple way to embed tweets into posts, keeping the links in the tweet active. For example:

[blackbirdpie id=”29646018950″]

The downside of this is that capturing the tweets is not automated, but given how I am pulling tweets onto this site and tweeting about posts here, maybe that is a good thing. Perhaps some day I will find or write something to implement the cross-posting logic I want, but for now it is not that big of a burden to do it manually.

Here’s the initial plan: I will start embedding tweets, but also will keep using Lifestream for the right sidebar and the feed streams page (I am too busy to adjust the site style right now anyway).

Geneagrapher 0.2.1-r1 Released

Version 0.2.1-r1, a maintenance release, of the Geneagrapher is now available.

A few tests in Geneagrapher 0.2.1 have become broken since that version was released. This release fixes those tests, but does not change the functionality from version 0.2.1. Existing installations need not install this release.

For more information, please see the Geneagrapher page and the Geneagrapher 0.2.1 release announcement.

Remapping the ‘exit full screen’ keystroke in VMware

Tonight I installed VMware Player on my Windows machine to experiment with a few things. After getting it installed, I downloaded the latest Ubuntu image and created a virtual machine with it. Everything went pretty smoothly.

VMware, by default, intercepts Ctrl-Alt to exit full-screen mode. Switching virtual workspaces in the windows manager in the new Ubuntu machine uses Ctrl-Alt-<Arrow key>, and the VMware keystroke interfered with left and right. It took a while to find it, but Ctrl-Alt-Space followed by Ctrl-Alt-Right , for example, accomplishes the switch, but this is inconvenient. Remapping the keystrokes that switch virtual workspaces is straightforward, but I am too accustomed to Ctrl-Alt-<Arrow key> to do that.

I found how to change the VMware keystroke here. The sixth box on that page had what I needed and changed the VMware keystroke to Ctrl-Alt-Shift. I only used the first three lines because the second block has some syntax error in my version of the Player.