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Borrowing E-books on Kindle

It is now possible to check out e-books from some libraries on the Kindle (see Amazon’s Kindle Gets a Library Card). This is not available at all libraries; you can see if your library has this service here (click on “Library Search”).

The King County Library System offers e-book check out for the Kindle.

Beekeeping: My New Hobby?

I enjoyed reading this article: Beekeeping as a Business. It is short and describes a little on how to get started in beekeeping (or rather how to learn more about getting started), about how the hobby can easily turn into a business on the side after a while, and some of the products that come from beehives. Also, I learned that every state has a bee inspector.

So am I about to set up a hive or two of my own? I don’t think the HOA in the condo complex where we rent would be happy with me housing hundreds of bees thirty feet from the community pool. Maybe later. Still, attending “beekeeping school” might be interesting to learn something new.

Geneagrapher Repository Moved

I have moved the Geneagrapher repository to GitHub using svn2git. The repository’s new home:

I had to reorganized my Subversion repository to make it work, and my tags were trashed in the end due to conflicts in my tags and the way Git tags things. That’s not a huge deal, though, because I can recreate everything, if needed. Anyhow, the big take-home message here is that the Geneagrapher repository is now open to the public.

One other action that I took, after moving the repository, was to nuke the trunk (er, master). I had made new feature progress in the trunk years ago, but stopped. I decided it would just be easier to continue by reverting the trunk to the latest maintenance branch.