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Today’s Ride

Chao-Jen ordered me out on a ride today. Thanks!

I went a nice distance and would like to keep building on this.

I know I am not very fast, but I think no achievements is a little overcritical. :)

Considering Obliteride

I am considering doing Obliteride — a charity bicycle ride benefiting the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

RAGRAI XLI Route Announced

This year’s RAGBRAI route was announced this weekend.

According to the announcement, the ride is 406.6 miles and is the sixth easiest route in the forty-one years of RAGBRAI. The overnight cities are Harlan, Perry, Des Moines, Knoxville, Oskaloosa and Fairfield. This is the first stop in Des Moines in sixteen years.

Here’s a map of the route.

Last year’s ride was 471.1 miles and took place during a very hot week. Here’s the announcement post for that route.