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Earth From Mars

At the end of this link is a page with a picture of Earth from Mars captured by MER Spirit.

Iowa Trip Wildlife Photos

A few posts back, I promised (with conditions) some deer and turkey photos from my trip home last month. Here they are!

Deer on the Driveway

The turkeys below come by the house several times a day and eat seed that has been pushed out of a bird feeder by other birds. The tom whose photo I posted back in September (see Tom Turkey) still visits regularly, but is, of course, traveling alone. A few times, however, they were all together outside the house.

Hen Turkeys

A deer and representatives of two species of squirrels.

Grey Squirrel, Deer, and Fox Squirrel

Finally, I have received word that two coyotes have been seen nearby multiple times.

Bighorn Sheep

I just happened to run across a group of bighorn sheep when I was up in the foothills conducting some business. They were actually standing on the opposite side of the highway from the destination in my mission.

Bighorn Sheep

The ram on the left has an identification tag on his neck.

Here is a closer look.

Bighorn Sheep


The light rain today brought a nice rainbow for a few minutes.

Tom Turkey

Here is a picture of the tom turkey that stops by my parents’ house a few times each day. I took this when I was visiting during the Labor Day Weekend.

Grayscale Flowers