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Great Comment

This is a report on the funniest internet comment I have seen today.

In the comment section of an article about an indecorous argument between two U.S. Representatives there was a post by an apparent future opponent of one of the elected officials (most ellipses are mine):

Help me defeat …, come to my town hall rally this Saturday July 23rd from 1pm to 4pm at … located at … We need to bring true … values back to congress and in district 20.http://…

Later in the thread was this hilarious response:

Hahaha…campaigning on a newspaper message board? Was Craigslist down or something? You should put up some “guitar lesson” fliers up at the local mall to see if you can attract some more support. Maybe you can sneak in frame behind the local “on location” weather guy with a poster or something. Hahaha…I’m an indie from CO and have no dog in this race, but this style of politicking is pretty rich! Good luck.

Skagit County Gnome-Napping Report

Here’s one of the articles I have in my backlog of items to share; it is from a while back.

Back in December, a respectably large cache of garden gnomes was discovered in a Mount Vernon, Washington resident’s back yard when high winds knocked down her fence. The fence was concealing around sixty yard gnomes — at least some apparently stolen from other yards — along with other yard ornaments. See the link for more details.

Seattle P-I: Gnome-napping: Thefts may have created backyard statue stash.

Meadows Field Airport Shut Down by Honey Scare

The Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield, California was shutdown on Tuesday by bottles of honey. They did not know they were dealing with honey at the time. From “Bottled Honey Shuts Down California Airport” in VOANews:

Two Transportation Security Administration officers were also treated and released from the hospital after being exposed to what were described as “fumes” from the bottles.

My path to the VOA article: Boing Boing >> Backwards Beekepers >> VOANews.

Poking a Little Fun at the Seattle Light Rail

I like that we are building out rail-based mass-transit infrastructure, but I was a little surprised that the light rail does not have space that works well for luggage.

There is more than six inches between the seats, that’s an exaggeration. There is, however, very little knee space, and definitely not enough space for luggage.

The Sound of Chickens

A couple weekends back I caught an episode of A Prairie Home Companion. It happened to be their “joke show“, which included “The Sound of Chicken’s”, a parody of “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. The song was actually a repeat from last year’s joke show. Listen to it here.

The show was pretty entertaining, but in addition to the song, the following joke sticks out in my mind:

Q: What do you call a lawyer who has gone bad?

A: Senator.