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Gutter Conversation

Me: We need to clean our gutters.

Michael: I need to see otters.

Me: Gutters. Gutters.

Michael: I need to eat gutters.

Michael Jumping

Michael started jumping (for the first time) ten minutes ago! It was so exciting that he kept doing it for several minutes.

Michael, Apple

This evening Michael looked at an apple I was eating and said something that sounded awfully like, “What’s that?” Chao-Jen and I both looked at him and then each other, both surprised. I looked back at Michael, pointed at the apple, and said, “Apple.” Almost immediately, he responded, “Apple.”

He said it a few more times, clearly referring to the apple, although it did become “bapple” a couple times.


He has said other words (including “owl” when looking at one of his sippy cups), but this seemed much more interactive.

Michael Video

The single picture I have posted of Michael on this blog is not entirely indicative of his appearance, so I will probably add a few more images for balance. For now, though, there’s this video.



I have not been very active here lately. The explanation in one word: parenthood.

Michael was born in late August!