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Shun Wang’s Website

I wrote a while ago about my old workstation being taken down. My (old) website was not the only one being hosted there; Shun Wang also had his site there. He has relocated, though, and his new site is at

Proteus Taken Down

Back in late January I reported that my workstation at UIUC was going to be taken down. It took a while because another website on the machine needed to be moved first, but that is apparently done because Proteus is now down.

Proteus is Going Out of Service

I was contacted earlier this week by a system administrator back at UIUC about Proteus, my old workstation. Proteus is still hosting my old site, another former graduate student’s website, and the UIUC SIAM Chapter’s website.

The system administrator wants to take Proteus out of service. Since I have this website it is not such a big deal, but I have a couple concerns. First, the web-based Geneagrapher is still running there (although it probably should not be). This will force me to let it go or to implement a solution for this site. Second, I am not sure how much losing that site will affect the page rank here. Big deal, I suppose.