Geneagrapher 0.2.1 Released

Version 0.2.1 of the Geneagrapher is now available for installation. This release does not add new features to the software, but it does fix a debilitating issue that caused multiple advisors to be ignored (this problem was introduced following changes to the Mathematics Genealogy Project pages). Two users brought this to my attention, and I am grateful for their help (although I initially thought the problem was isolated to the recently-deleted, original web-based version of the Geneagrapher).

All pre-0.2.1 installations of the Geneagrapher should be updated to Version 0.2.1.

Changes made for this release:

  • Multiple advisors are now captured correctly. While this problem was manifesting itself, ancestor trees were coming out as a branch-free tree.
  • Added a test for the multiple advisor case, which enables quicker recognition of similar problems.
  • Updated a few tests that had become broken due to updates in the Math Genealogy Project’s database.

Since the features remain unchanged, please see the Geneagrapher 0.2 release announcement for more information, including how to find and install the package.