About Me


My name is David Alber. I am an Engineering Manager for a software infrastructure team at Redfin. I’ve been working there since late 2014, starting as a Technical Lead after Redfin acquired Walk Score, my last employer. Prior to Walk Score I worked at Microsoft for three years, initially as a Resarch Scientist on an incubator group working on a high performance linear algebra library for systems with many cores. Before that, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

I grew up near Iowa City, Iowa and went to high school and college there. I attended to graduate school in Urbana, Illinois, spent a couple years in Golden, Colorado while working in a postdoctoral position. Now, I live in the Seattle area with my wife and our two young sons.

You can learn more about my professional background from my LinkedIn profile . More details about my academic background and publications (from long ago :smile:) are here.