Playing and Writing Stories

I’ve been enjoying watching Playing & Writing Stories with Shanna Germain and Charles Ryan. Shanna and Charles (and the host, Darcy) are members of Monte Cook Games, a tabletop roleplaying game company. I’ve additionally been occasionally reading the Numenera core book and watching videos of MCG employees playing.

It was interesting listening to Shanna and Charles talk about writing stories, writing for roleplaying games, and how their processes differ. I enjoyed learning about tools they use, and the one that caught my attention the most is Scrivener. I’d like to try it out, but it’s a little odd to want to write to use a tool rather than use a tool to help you write. Not that that will stop me.

I really enjoyed Shanna saying that she does what she loves for a living. Similarly, Charles said working in the game business is fantastic and he’s grateful to work in a company where he’s able to help shape the priorities and values. Although I don’t know Shanna or Charles, I find their happiness doing this work uplifting.