Rust Code of Conduct Conformulator

A while back I created the Rust Code of Conduct Conformulator to help address a consistency problem.

Rust has dozens of repositories across three GitHub organizations. Right now, five of those have the Rust Code of Conduct. One of those is the Rust website, which has the Code of Conduct here. The other four have a variant of the website’s Conduct. All of them should be in sync, but enforcing that requires tools.

The Conformulator was created to help with that enforcement. Initially, it was a project with unit tests that verified the Code of Conduct in whitelisted repositories matched the Code of Conduct on the website. That works well for a small list of repositories, but there’s a scenario where I imagine the Rust team would want to put the Code of Conduct in all of its repositories. Before that seems like a good idea, though, they probably need tools to help with the consistency enforcement. For that, I expanded the Conformulator to be a Rocket site with a simple dashboard. More sophisticated alerting can be created from there.

At the moment, there’s an experimental deployment of the site at That’s probably not a final home. The experimental deployment has been shut down, but may return later. Also, the current build seems to sometimes stop serving pages after running for a couple days. I need to figure out what to do about that before I feel comfortable not calling it experimental.