Large Catboats

Every so often I start wanting to build or buy a boat. It’s just a thing I do, and I’m having those urges now. I’ve sailed the Beetle Cat at the Center for Wooden Boats (CWB), and then I found that CWB is planning to build a cat-rigged boat called a Kitten. They don’t have any photos of what a Kitten looks like, so I searched around and found this. I have no idea if that’s the same boat, but it led me down a path of looking at that boat yard’s other boats.

It seems like the boat yard specializes in catboats. Their 22-foot cruiser looks pretty sweet. Check out the size of its sail in the video! That’s 420 sqft. of sail area. Imagine what it would look like on their design for a 29-foot catboat, which is drafted to have a 900 sqft. sail!