Tolerance Depleted: Making Alt+Arrow Work in My Terminal

For a long time I have tolerated not being able to do Alt+Arrow in my terminal to hop over words. Alt+Backspace deletes single words, but Alt+Left inserts “[D” and Alt+Right inserts “[C”. Maddening! I’ve finally bothered to do something about it, and it was easy on my MacBook in iTerm2. See here. I only just switched it, but a quick run through of a lot of use cases did not turn up any surprises.

So much better!

Bonus: Alt+Arrow was working the way I want in Emacs before this change. However, I had this thing going on in Org Mode where Alt+Arrow was changing the depth of header items instead of hopping over words. Now it works as expected in this case. I can still change header depth with Shift+Alt+Arrow.