11 Loaves

I started baking loaves of sourdough bread this spring. Here are some of my creations.

Ride to Marymoor with Rhett

Rhett and I took a 46-mile bike ride to Marymoor's off-leash dog area and back.

Finishing The Expanse

I am nearing the end of the final book in The Expanse series.

Viewing MNIST Images

The MNIST Browser and MNIST Viewer are Observable notebooks that make it easy to browse and view details of handwritten digit samples in the MNIST database.

Everything is NAND

NAND gates can be used to build all other logic gates. As a refresher, I designed gates using NAND. The designs aren't novel, but the drawn designs look nice.

Geneagrapher 2.0.0

Geneagrapher 2.0.0 delivers the easist way to build a math genealogy and important improvements.

Dusting Off the Cobwebs

It’s been over four years since I posted here! I need to create a release post for Geneagrapher. That’s coming next.

Listening to More Fandible

I last wrote about Fandible in the context of their Numenera Longshot podcast. Well, a few months ago I finally caught up with their latest episode. That was after being able to listen to the 100+ episodes at whatever pace I wanted, so it was kind of like hitting a brick wall. I waited for new episodes, but I ultimately cracked. Now they’ve got me hooked on their Soloshot, which is run using FFG’s Force and Destiny rulebook.


I got a flat on the rear tire of my bike this week. In the past I was always prepared for such a thing, but it’s been a long time since I had a flat in the field. I was completely unprepared! No tire levers, patch kit, or spare tube! I need to be less complacent.

Back to Seattle

We made it back to Seattle tonight. We left my parents house yesterday and stayed in a hotel in Des Moines. Today we drove to Kansas City and got a direct flight back to Seattle. We were justified in taking this long drive to an airport, but I’m too tired to write about it.