Rust Code of Conduct Conformulator

A while back I created the Rust Code of Conduct Conformulator to help address a consistency problem.

Initializing EC2 Instances with SSH Keys

In most situations I prefer to not use key pairs with EC2 instances. I just want to use my own SSH keys. Thus, most of the time I opt out of specifying or creating a key pair in the last step of launching an instance. Instead, I use cloud-init to install my keys when the instance is created. This isn’t groundbreaking, but I have to look up the syntax each time I do it. Hopefully putting it here will save me time in the future.

I've Been Learning Rust

Over the past several months I’ve slowly, but surely been learning Rust in my spare time. I started back in December by working my way through the first nine, or so, chapters of The Rust Programming Language (a.k.a. “The Rust Book”). After going that far I yearned to actually apply some of what I learned, and I did that primarily through contributions to rustfmt.

Playing and Writing Stories

I’ve been enjoying watching Playing & Writing Stories with Shanna Germain and Charles Ryan. Shanna and Charles (and the host, Darcy) are members of Monte Cook Games, a tabletop roleplaying game company. I’ve additionally been occasionally reading the Numenera core book and watching videos of MCG employees playing.

Fossil SCM

SQLite’s use of Fossil – a software configuration management system – came up today on Hacker News (thread). Like Git, Fossil is a distributed SCM, but it also has integrated bug tracking, a built in web interface, and other features. There’s discussion on those pages comparing it to Git. If I had a reason to try out other source control systems, Fossil might be fun to take a look at.

Parked Packster

Parked Packster 80

Thoughts on "Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble"

A recent bridge-burning post titled “Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble” covered a variety of issues the author (a former long-time contributor and advocate of OpenStreetMap) feel are holding OpenStreetMap (OSM) back.

Taking Possession of a Packster 80

In my last post I wrote about our new bike. It was a beautiful day today, and we got some good time in on the bike.

New Bike Day: Packster 80

Nine weeks ago we placed an order for a new cargo bike: a Packster 80. It was built in Germany and slowly made its way here. Today we picked it up.

Thoughts on Gerrit After a Brief Trial

The topic of code review tools comes up from time-to-time at work when talking with an engineer on my team. Our current code review tool is simple, straightforward, and deeply integrated with our version control system, but it’s not very powerful. We long for something more featureful with things like inline commenting, multi-line commenting, and the ability to see comments in the context the CR iteration in which they were added. Oh, and performance!