RAGRAI XLI Route Announced

This year’s RAGBRAI route was announced this weekend.

Michael Jumping

Michael started jumping (for the first time) ten minutes ago! It was so exciting that he kept doing it for several minutes.

Joining Walk Score

Next Monday I start a new job at Walk Score, a Seattle startup that promotes walkability by producing a measure incorporating information on nearby businesses and attractions. You can learn more about the company here.

Announcement: Last Day at Microsoft

Today is my last day of work at Microsoft. After a one-week break, I will start a new position at a different company. More details on that will be posted later. Until then, have a nice day!

U.S. Wind Map

The visualization of wind at http://hint.fm/wind/ is quite interesting.

Shortest Paths Using OpenStreetMap Data

I saw this on Pinterest. Below is a screen capture, but if you go to shortestpathtree.org, you can view the paths being generated in real time.

Meze Closed

I was over in Kirkland today and discovered that a restaurant I liked – Meze Mediterranean Deli – closed. Here’s some proof of the closing.

Connecting Ocean Noise to Stress

This has been a popular story this week. After the September 11 attacks in 2001, sound in the ocean plummeted, due to the decrease in shipping traffic. Two studies of the North Atlantic right whale happened to be going on at that time, which of course had nothing to do with measuring whale response to lower levels of ocean noise.

How to Be Silicon Valley

I was surprised by how many of the “nerd tastes” in How to Be Silicon Valley by Paul Graham sound like my preferences. I had no idea I am so easily classified.

Microsoft Codename "Cloud Numerics"

The work that I did as a member of the Math Libraries Group in Technical Computing at Microsoft has been released in the form of a SQL Azure Lab named Microsoft Codename “Cloud Numerics”. There is, of course, a lot of other technology in the lab that was not produced by my group, but all of our product is in the release.