Thoughts on Gerrit After a Brief Trial

The topic of code review tools comes up from time-to-time at work when talking with an engineer on my team. Our current code review tool is simple, straightforward, and deeply integrated with our version control system, but it’s not very powerful. We long for something more featureful with things like inline commenting, multi-line commenting, and the ability to see comments in the context the CR iteration in which they were added. Oh, and performance!

I Went to Hamilton and it was Amazing

Last week, on Valentine’s Day, Chao-Jen and I went to Hamilton at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack from Hamilton for half a year, so I was already familiar with the lyrics, especially up through “One Last Time”. The experience was amazing.

Setting up a Feed

My site has an Atom feed here, and it was super easy to set up on GitHub Pages. I added a new plugin to the site’s _config.yml file in 77cab7c, per the directions here. Jekyll did the rest.

Organizing the GitHub Pages and Cloudflare Discussion

There’s been a lot of talk about Cloudflare in the context of GitHub Pages with custom domains and SSL (isaacs/github#156) over the years, and there was a burst of posts in that issue today due to a report that Chrome started blocking HTTP sites. From this comment:

Tags in GitHub Pages

I had this Jekyll site almost ready to go before I decided to use GitHub Pages. One thing that I lost in going with GitHub pages was my tagging code. This happened because GitHub Pages does not support custom Ruby code, which is what drove my tag generation. Luckily, I found Jekyll Tags on Github Pages, which I followed almost completely (minus the tag cloud section).

Monkey Bar

This conversation happened around two years ago. Michael, his mother, and I were watching an unusually large number of people come down the sidewalk toward our house.

What's in Your Mouth?

Me: What’s in your mouth?

Site Migration to GitHub Pages

I recently migrated this site from WordPress hosted on WebFaction to a Jekyll site hosted on GitHub Pages. I expect I’ll be writing more content on the new site because there’s just less overhead in getting it done, and I’m writing in a format that I enjoy more. Pages are now written in Markdown and committed to a repository. The production site redeploys automatically, and running the site locally is a snap.

A Long Hiatus

Wow. It’s been more than four years since I wrote anything here. A lot has happened in that time, but before I get to that I want to make a pact for my readers: in the next year, I will write more here than I did since 2013. :smirk: Now let’s get caught up on the big things that have happened since 2013.

Gutter Conversation

Me: We need to clean our gutters.