Impact of Burning Coal Described in 1912 Newspaper Article

An article in Business Insider this week marked the 106th anniversary since a newspaper in New Zealand published a four-sentence article titled “Coal Consumption Affecting Climate”.

Attending RustConf 2018

I’m excited to be attending RustConf this week. I hope to come away with a better feeling of what the community is like, as well as perhaps learning enough about Rust to level up my skills with it. It’s actually been a couple months since I wrote any substantial amount of Rust (I’m still maintaining some of my Rust code and working through the last chapters of The Rust Book), but I really hope to get back to it at some level.

Down the Emacs Hole

I’ve been an Emacs user since college. My seriousness as an Emacs user has varied over time, but I’ve probably never been much beyond somewhere between casual and intermediate. I’ve long suspected that I’m missing out on a lot of untapped efficiency potential, if only I invested the hours needed to learn more.

Emoji Fixed in github-pages v189

As I previously noted, emoji was broken in github-pages v188. It has been fixed in v189.

More Catboats

I’ve been looking at more catboats. I wrote about large catboats at the end of last month and am now curious about what else is out there. There’s The Catboat Association, for starters. So far I only looked through the cats for sale, which led me to another builder. Marshall Cats are are built by Marshall Marine Corp. Their catboats are built with fiberglass hulls, unlike the other builders I mentioned before.

Initial Faust Impressions

Last week, I wrote about interest in Faust, a Kafka-backed stream processing library for Python. Since then I have gained some experience with it. We had a hackathon at work, and my team reimplemented a data processing pipeline that is currently a batch process using Faust.

New Google Site Reliability Engineering Book

Google has a well-known book called Site Reliability Engineering, and they have now released a second book in the series titled The Site Reliability Workbook. It is meant as a complement to the first book, and it is available to download for free until August 23, 2018.

Emoji Broken in github-pages v188

Update: fixed!

E-Bikes and Trails

On the way home on the Burke-Gilman Trail tonight a cyclist traveling in the opposite direction angrily yelled “e-bike!” at me. According to Strava, I was going somewhere between 11 and 12 mph at the time. The other cyclist – by my judgement at the time – was going a little faster than I was. :bicyclist:

Faust Stream Processing Library

Faust, a Python stream processing library showed up on Hacker News today. It’s kind of timely because I was thinking about wanting to explore using Apache Spark earlier today. I’ll throw Faust onto the list.